• Kimmo Sukanen

    Senior Consultant

    +358 44 712 69 68


Key Competence Areas

  • Fullstack developer / arhitect
    I love to get involved in all phases of the work. An architect can keep the product lean and well defined. The frontend dictates how the user experiences it. Well made backend makes it possible to create quality, security and maintanability. I like to get it all right.
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  • Prototyping
    Projects tend to work out great when all parties get hands on experience with the product being made as early as possible.
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  • Front- and backend development
  • Software designing

Latest projects

This is the print version. Please see http://inia.fi/sukanen for detailed project descriptions.

2018 - present

Fullstack developer
04 / 2018 - 07 / 2018

Designing and implementing an Angular 5 based webform solution.

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New implementation is more flexible than the previous Share Point based solution and handling of the submitted forms is easier for the customer sevice personel.

My responsibility was to designing and implement a solution to replace existing webforms solution that based on Share Point. The main reason to replace the existing system was to accomply with the new GDPR requirements.

Project also improved the looks of the forms and improved usability for the customer sevice personel who's job is to process the submitted forms.

Completed solution consisted of an Angular UI and Spring backend that stores the forms with JDBC to MySQL database.

Technologies HTML5/CSS3, REST, JSON, Angular 5, Java, Spring, Tomcat, Ubuntu, JDBC, MYSQL
Client Public sector
Duration 3 months

Lead frontend developer
08 / 2017 - 05 / 2018

Designing and implementing an Angular 5 based solution for applying life insurances.

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Project delivered a totally new digitalized service for applying life insurances. The new service made a huge improvement to the old process by automating main part of the process advancing usability and shortening the duration of the applying process dramatically.

My responsibility was to designing and implement a user interface for the service using Angular 5 framework. The development team consisted of a scrum master, testing engineer, an architect and two user interface developers and several back end developers.

As a first step we created a POC to evaluate the development enviroment with the selected technology stack that included a backend running on WebSpere. Based on that we created common shared components and the basic building blocks for each phase of the applying process. Next we selected the most straightforward product and finalized each phase for it. At this point we had the basic flow done and the rest of the project consisted of implementing variations to the basic flow to support other products included in the service.

This was a good procedure to build this kind of service since customer was able to see and begin testing the complete system as soon as possible. Also training of the staff to adopt the new system could be started as soon as possible.

Technologies HTML5/CSS3, REST, JSON, JWT, CORS, Angular 5, WebSphere
Client Financial/Insurance sector
Duration 8 months
2016 - present

Software architect, Fullstack developer
05 / 2015 - present

Designing and implementing Angular based solutions with Java+Spring -backend including JSON and WS integrations. Transforming manual services to e-services with public REST APIs.

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Manual labor was reduced and end-customer experience was improved by automating existing manual processes with public APIs.

I continued to work with the same customer in multiple projects designing and developing products further with new functionalities to gain more value from existing data and services.

  • A public API was developed to eliminate end-customer's monthly manual labor in interacting with the service provider.
  • A public API was developed to replace intense manual labor in providing annual environmental reporting data to end customers.
  • An internal API was developed to provide customer GDPR summary.
  • Two Web Service APIs were integrated to existing Customer Service Desktop application.
  • Iterative development was made to improve existing Customer Service Desktop application and Customer Reqistry application.
  • IoT POC was made to receive automated measurement data.
  • A new stackholders registry was developed to replace various personal Excel based registries.
Technologies HTML5/CSS3, REST, JSON, WS/SOAP, Java 7/8, Spring 3.x/4.2, AngularJS 1.x, Angular 6, Tomcat 7/8, Ubuntu
Client Public sector
Duration 36+ months
2015 - 2016

Fullstack developer
09 / 2014 - 10 / 2015

Developing a new system for applying and handling agricultural subsidiaries. Angular with Java-backend

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Project succeeded to surpass goals set for the volume of applications.

Project produced a system that was a new agricultural subsidiaries handling system where agricultural producers apply for subsidiaries and government officials process the subsidiaries applications and subsidiaries payments. The main goal was to develop a system that is easy and efficient to use for all parties.

Technologies HTML5/CSS3, REST, Java 7, Spring 3, Angular.js, TDD, Junit, Karma, Jasmine, Node.js, Jade, Tomcat 7, Jetty, CI, Hudson, Sonar, Tiira, Scrum, IntelliJ
Client Public sector
Duration 13 months

Software architect, Fullstack developer
05 / 2015 - 2017

Designing and implementing an Angular based user interface with a Java back end to connect to a .NET based customer registry.

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a POC was successfully used to verify the concept before implementing the system. Angular was very good choice for rapid development and delivered good results.

Very flexible and maintanable user interface solution was developed for the new customer registry. One common user interface was shared between few business line specific systems. User interface was integrated into one of the existing systems and two of the systems used it besides the existing system. Integrations we're done with SOAP WS and JSON.

Technologies HTML5/CSS3, REST, JSON, SOAP, Java 7, Spring 3.3, Angular.js, Tomcat 7
Client Public sector
Duration 17 months
2014 - 2015

Software architect, Fullstack developer
09 / 2012 - 05 / 2015

Designing and implementing Angular and Java based desktop environment for customer service workers to view customer information from an efficent view that combined data from multiple sources.

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Developed solutions was adopted to use more widely in the organization than planned.

HTML5 based desktop solution was developed to provide powerful and intelligent tools for locating complete view of end-customer's information. Customer information was combined from multiple sources to a usable summary view. Solution included PDF-template based reporting, email- and AD-integration and utilization of Web Service (Rest&SOAP) for communicating between different sub systems.

Technologies Java 7, Spring 3, HTML5/CSS3, Knockout, SQL, REST, Tomcat 7, Sonar, FlyingSaucer/iText, Java Excel API, Scrum
Client Public sector
Duration 32 months
2013 - 2014

Software architect, Fullstack developer
06 / 2013 - 01 / 2014

Designing and implementing a public service for submitting water meter readings.

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System has proved to be cost effective and suitable solution.

Developed service is used externally by the end-customers and internally by the customer service personel. Readings are received with a web form and stored to the operational system through a SOAP interface. Additional custom REST based proxy service was created to separate the operational system from the public service running in the DMZ.

Technologies Java 7, Spring 3.3, HTML5/CSS3, SOAP, REST, Tomcat 7, Junit +Mockito, Git
Client Public sector
Duration 6 Months

Software architect, Fullstack developer
01 / 2013 - 12 / 2013

Designing and implementing a public statistics service targeted for households, housing cooperatives and property managers.

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Future development with the system has proved to be easy

Private sector end customers can use the developed statistics service to study their service usage and potentially minimize their ecological footprint. User interface was implemented using AngularJS and D3.js charts. Backend service was implemented with Java using Spring 3.3 components running on Tomcat. Statistical data is retrieved from statistical backend service with a custom quota limited REST client. Backend service was developed using JAVA and SQL.

Technologies Java 7, Spring 3.3, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, D3js, REST, SQL, Tomcat 7
Client Public sector
Duration 12 months
2012 - 2013

11 / 2011 - 04 / 2012

Researching and documenting current state of a governmental registry and related legislation, processes and improvements needed to that registry.

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Research was carried out by interviewing key experts in groups. Research results were processed in several workshops after which final status and improvement report was submitted.

Technologies Group interviews, Enterprise Architect
Client Public sector
Duration 5 months
2011 - 2012

Software architect, Software developer
01 / 2011 - 07 / 2012

Designing and implementing a web store type solution for farmers to order identification tags for their livestock.

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Integrating developed solution to an existing information system and providing external interfaces for third parties to integrate developed solution into their systems.

Technologies Java EE, JSF1.2, HTML/CSS, AJAX, RIA, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit, JMock, Subversion, TDD, CI, Hudson, Windows, Scrum, Oracle, Enterprise Architect, Ant, Requirements Engineering, UI prototype, UI designing, Front end programming
Client Public sector
Duration 16 months
2010 - 2011

Support Manager, Lead developer
06 / 2009 - 11 / 2011

Managing support requests and team’s skill profile in a Java maintenance team.

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Responsible for communicating with the customer and supervising support request fulfilment. Team size 5 members maintaining 20+ applications ranging from RIA web applications to Swing applications.

Technologies Team management, task management, knowledge sharing, processes
Client Private and public sector clients
Duration 17 months
2007 - 2010

Software architect, Software developer.
11 / 2009 - 01 / 2011

Designing and implementing an extension to a governmental registry.

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Solution included major extensions to data model and web based user interface.

Technologies Java EE, JSF1.2, HTML/CSS, AJAX, RIA, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit, JDBC, Subversion, TDD, CI, Hudson, Windows, Scrum, Oracle, Enterprise Architect, Ant Requirements Engineering, UI designing, Front and back end programming
Client Public sector
Duration 14 months

Lead developer for Java software maintenance team
02 / 2008 - 06 / 2009

Establishing processes and tools for the team, solving software problems and communicating with the customer.

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Technologies Java J2SE - EJB3.0, Hibernate, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Service Bus, JBoss, Web Service, SOA, JDBC, JSP/JSTL/HTML/CSS, MVC / Struts 2.0, XML, Ant, Maven, TDD / Junit, OpenCMS, OpenLDAP, JIRA, Confluence
Client Private and public sector clients
Duration 16 months

Software developer
6 / 2007 - 02 / 2008

Developing a direct marketing application based on SOA and Flash web UI.

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Technologies J2SE, Hibernate, Spring, Apache Axis, JBOSS, JIRA, Scrum, JSP/ JSTL/HTML/CSS, SOA
Client Private sector
Duration 8 months
2000 - 2007

Various projects

Web applications and Web Content Management projects

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Methodologies and Practices

  • 10+ Years
    • Agile software development methods
    • Front-end and back-end development
    • User Interface desing
  • 8 Years
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Service-Oriented Architectures, SOA
  • 6 Years
    • Database modeling
  • 5 Years
    • Information modeling
    • Architectural modeling
    • TDD
  • 4 Years
    • UML modeling
    • Process modeling
  • 3 Years
    • Design patterns
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Use case and user story modeling

Integrations related

  • 7 Years
    • Web Services, SOAP, REST, SoapUI, XML, JSON
  • 6 Years
    • REST backend + js frontend
  • 2 Years
    • SSO AD-integration

Java, Tools & Frameworks

  • 10+ Years
    • Java 1.3 - 8
    • JDBC
  • 8 Years
    • Spring 3 - 4
  • 3 Years
    • Code quality (Sonar cube)
    • JavaServer Faces 1.2 / 2.1
  • 2 Years
    • PDF / Excel generation (Google, Java Excel Api)
  • 1 Year
    • Node.js, Gulp

Web technologies

  • 10+ Years
    • HTML, CSS, Responsive solutions
    • JavaScript
  • 5 Years
    • AngularJS 1.x
  • 2 Years
    • Bootstrap 3 & 4
    • knockout.js
    • Jade/Pug, Stylus
    • jQuery
    • Karma + Jasmine
  • 1 Year
    • d3js graphs
    • Angular 4, Typescript

Unit Testing

  • 6 Years
    • Junit
  • 3 Years
    • Mockito
  • 2 Years
    • JMock
    • Cobertura reporting
    • Karma + Jasmine

Tools (Design, Build, CI)

  • 10+ Years
    • Eclipse
    • Jira
  • 8 Years
    • Maven
  • 6 Years
    • Ant
  • 2 Years
    • Sonar, Hudson, Jenkins
    • Enterprise Architect
    • Microsoft Visio
  • 1 Year
    • IntelliJ IDEA


  • 10+ Years
    • ANSI SQL
  • 6 Years
    • Oracle
  • 7 Years
    • MySQL
  • 2 Years
    • PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase

Web Content Management

  • 2 Years
    • Open Text Livelink WCM
  • 1 Year
    • Navigo CMS

Application / web servers

  • 6 Years
    • Tomcat 4-8
  • 3 Years
    • Apache 2.0
    • Jetty
  • 2 Years
    • JBoss 6
    • Weblogic 9
    • Orion 2.0

Version control software

  • 6 Years
    • CVS, Subversion
  • 5 Years
    • GIT

Operating systems

  • 10+ Years
    • Windows (... XP, Vista, 7, 8.1)
    • *nix (Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, AIX)


Bachelor of Science, Helsinki University, Department of Computer Science

Language skills

  • Finnish native
  • English good
  • Swedish basics
  • Germany basics